• Name :Macro Ring Flash
  • Model :DMAF20 CN E-TTL Canon
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Guide number of 20 (ISO100, m) 

Support E-TTL

DMAF20 CN E-TTL for Canon
Macro Ring Flash
Brilliant Macro Ring Flash for Nikon and Canon are the first in the world ring-flashes designed in Singapore. The 2 flash tubes at the sides, act like studio softboxes for small objects such as insects and jewellery, creating effects such as key and fill light for small subjects. The 2 ultra-bright modeling LED lights help a lot in auto-focusing when shooting in the dark.
The LCD display provides users with more flexibility and better usability  when choosing flash options.

Brilliant DMAF 20 for Canon can be used on all Canon DSLRs and it has an effective E-TTL implementation to ensure that all flash shots

are accurately metered. The LCD screen is very useful in helping users to navigate through the various controls.

Each flash comes with a 77mm ring adapter and various step-up rings.

Support Manual / ETTL / Multi-flash
Guide number of 20 (ISO100, m)
IGBT circuitry for more flashes and fast recycle
Manual control of flash power (1/1 to 1/64)
Multi-flash control (frequency 1-50HZ)
Ultra bright LED modeling light
Each flash window can rotate 150o
Able to trigger either only one flash or both flashes
Color Temperature – 5600K
Recycling time – Virtually instant
5 minutes auto cutoff mode
Adapter rings – 49, 52, 55, 58, 62, 67, 72, 77mm
Canon compatibility:
1000D,550D, 500D,400D,300D,350D,50D, 40D 30D,20D, 5D & 1D
Power shot G-Series Digital camera & all other EOS models with ETTL capability





Tiger Lily taken with the ring flash at ISO 100, aperture F13 and shutter speed 1/250s.